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Thursday, January 10, 2013

On the Road!

Crack of Dawn on January 3 we left on the first leg of our trip.  We had seen the family one last time, said our good-byes, and packed lighter than usual since we had left so much in Florida just 6 weeks earlier.

By evening we had reached Flowery Branch, Georgia and a visit with my newly retired brother and sister-in-law.  Since their two children and spouses live nearby, that was a good choice for them.  The next day we toured the area.  I loved Lake Lanier just as much as I thought I would.
There were some great ruins from another time right among some amazing luxurious homes.
Among the luxury was a marina of these amazing houseboats...2 and 3 stories, and longer than any I have seen before.  They don't live on these as they do in Seattle...strictly recreational.


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