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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

More Monthly Scrap Pages

With a bunch of irons in the fire time to scrapbook has been scarce.  My solution has been a series of monthly pages covering 2014.  I have scrapped a few individual events but these will be my record of the year.  A few, like "Easter in Florida" deserved their own page.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014, The First 3 Months

This is a collection of the top photos from January 2014.  The calendar is dated close to when the event occurred.
Here is February's collection.  I know...there was no 29th in 2014.
Now, March's photos.  I hope to complete 2014.  I consider this posting a commitment to the project.

Friday, January 17, 2014

2014-01-17 Record-Breaking Weather

Record-breaking snow (8 inches, then 12 inches, and then another 12 inches) and cold (-24, Wind Chill at a -43) and all we wanted to do was to get going toward warm Florida.  At those temperatures, salt will not work on the roads and all reports told people to stay home and off the roads so we did.  Our target leave-date had been Tuesday but we soon put that on hold and waited.  The following Saturday was above freezing and, rainy but the roads were clear of ice so off we went.

Our first stop was Georgia and my brother and sister-in-law's retirement house.  Being there for the weekend let us enjoy one of SIL's great meals with the family on Sunday.  Most of the chat was about the June birth of the first grandchild.  Monday was SIL's birthday so we went out to her favorite restaurant for dinner.  We had toured the area last year.  SIL and I explored her great scrapbooking/sewing room over the garage.  I shared some ancient family photos with my brother.

Then on Monday we drove further South to his daughter's house for 2 more days.  We explored her new house with its great gardens and then drove around the St. Augustine area.

Tuesday we headed out for the last, 3-hour drive toward our winter home, stopping for an hour or so to visit his dad in Cocoa Beach.  Finally, we reached the house in Sebastian early afternoon.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014-01-05 Snow Delay.

Oh GOSH we have a lot of snow...AGAIN!  Although our proximity to Lake Erie seems to be warding the worst of the storm away from us, we are still getting plenty of snow.  My eye is always on Radar and I can see how the heaviest stuff is going right around us.  We are also watching the conditions all along I-75 going South and the conditions don't look promising.  We have already almost decided to go on Thursday, rather than Tuesday.

I am hoping to see the granddaughters later today.  My son is snowed in in Detroit and trying to figure out why his car won't start.  So many people are having similar car troubles with more temps well below zero on the way.  It will be hard to go to Florida without bidding goodbye to my family.

Schools all over the area will not reconvene Monday as scheduled.  It is anyone's guess when the way will be clear to open those schools.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014-01-02 Starting a New Year

Oh GOSH! It is cold.  The weather men expect several records to be broken this week.  The last three days have brought another 12 inches or so of snow on top if the 11 last week.
I go across the street every morning to have coffee, breakfast, and visit with R. watching a little TV and checking email.  Well, the last 3 days have been a struggle through the snow.  Fortunately, I borrowed some unused good old galoshes or I would never have made it.
Thank goodness R, Jr. doesn't seem to mind getting out the Polaris and snow blade and digging us both out.  It was much easier crossing the street for the evening with R.

It is with greater expectations than usual that we have started packing for Florida!

Monday, December 30, 2013

The End of 2013

No, I didn't fall off the planet in April.  I have no excuse for being so far behind in blogging.  DF (Dear Friend) Lisa Wingate encouraged me to do an end-of-year blog post with her lovely entry today so here goes.

January saw us leave frozen Michigan on the 3rd headed for sunny Florida.  We stopped to visit my brother in Georgia and a daughter in St. Augustine.  Within a few days, we were feeling back-home-again in the warmth of Sebastian, Florida.
February and we missed watching the grandgirls' skating competitions, but certainly enjoyed the wildlife around our breakwall.  We appreciated the birds especially, since they were so scarce when we had a 6-week emergency stay here last October and November.

March gave us some heavy weather but that just made for great surfing.  The local joke is that you can't get anyone to do any work or open their stores if the "Surf's Up"
Also in March, we finished our improvement project of the laundry room.  What had been a real chore, doing laundry in that old nasty room, became a pleasure.  The cabinets let me empty the overcrowded ones in the kitchen.  It was a WIN all around!
My brother and sister-in-law made their first visit with us and we HAD to compare Seabring  convertibles.  Mine, the dark one, is new to me this year.  I just love driving around in it, but it stays in Florida.
The last thing in March was our yearly Easter visit with my daughter, her husband and our precious granddaughters.  First order of business is always a pedicure for each of us.
Easter Sunday was early this year, March 31.  We had dinner for 13 people, surrounded by family and a neighbor.  Other neighbors entertained the kiddies with their baby miniature goat.
April came in while the family was still with us for their 10-day break, but too soon had to return to Michigan.
May we packed up and came home to Michigan, staying overnight with daughter and son-in-law in St. Augustine and then Judy and Pat in Tennessee.  The photo-walk with Judy and our friend Shawn and her family was a highlight of the year.
By the end of May, summer was urging us to plant and decorate, and visit Daughter's and Son-in-law's Lake House.  Annuals were all over their lakehouse and my garden back home.
June and the family was swimming and fishing both at the lake and here at home.  Wherever they were, the girls would find the water and swim, swim, swim.
July first and a combination of heavy rains and negligence of the DPW to start the city pumps resulted in our having brief lake-front property.
The Fourth is always a big homecoming in our little town but, with the grandgirls and their parents with the other family at The Grand on Mackinaw Island every year, we celebrate quietly.
August, both girls tried sewing, but only the older granddaughter was ready.  She made pillow cases, pillows, and some clothing.  It has been so long since I sewed, I had to relearn right with her.
October, our little city moved the old Bob-Lo Dock from the marina to the center of town to be re-purposed as a pavilion and Farmer's Market.  It quickly became the center for holiday decorations, and gatherings.
November, and we settled in for cold weather.  Thanksgiving was quiet, with one daughter living in Florida, another living in New Jersey, and one son busy with a mission in Detroit.  The daughter and family were with the other grandmother this year so it was just Him, his son who lives next door, and me for dinner.
My beloved Michigan State University Spartans won an invitation to the Rose Bowl and I celebrated.  The house has been hung with Green and White all fall in a neighborhood of University of Michigan fans.  However, more and more Green and White is popping up as we get closer to the end of the year.
December we celebrated the Christmas season with a Polar Express excursion out of Owasso, Michigan on the train pulled by the REAL engine...Pere Marquette 1225.  It was emotional for me, since this is the same kind of engine my grandfather tended as yardmaster when I was a little girl.
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were lovely and lively with the two granddaughters.  The decorations were down and put away before January first as we started to prepare to leave Michigan and more snow than we have seen since we started wintering in Florida, 11 years ago.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

April 2013 - Another Disney Birthday

We just miss Abby's birthday every spring so we celebrate in Florida with a breakfast at Disney Vero. 

April 2012 - Going Bananas

Several years ago, we planted a couple of little "pups" of banana.  In spite of frost scares a couple of years, we soon had the first bananas.  The individual trees die after producing a stalk of bananas, but they put up more "pups" that will bear in about 2 more years.  Now we are getting two or more nice stalks of bananas every Spring.  Fortunately, at least ONE stalk ripens when our granddaughters are here for their spring break.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

April 2013 - A Wet Day in Several Respects.

 It didn't seem to matter to the girls that it was a rainy day, they insisted on swimming anyway.  It looked like it was going to be an all-day rain but in the afternoon, the weather cleared for several hours.  We chose to spend those hours at the Wabasso beach.  The waves were more than the girls had ever been in before.  At first they were cautious, holding hands and staying beyond the reach of the surf.  Finally, Gabby was brave enough to let the waves crash over her.

April 2013 - Breakfast at the Ham 'n' Eggs

What fun to let the girls use the camera and take the mornings' photos.