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Saturday, September 1, 2018

End of Summer - AUGUST 2018


August 4 through 7 the Suchy family all went to Montreal for Michael's mother's investiture as world leader of Daughters of Isabella.  
Without the friends and activities of the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw, their usual summer vacation, Gabby took the opportunity to catch up on a class she took over summer.  She wanted to leave room in her Fall school schedule for a class in Photography.  Her dad chaperoned in the lobby while Gabby worked.
Abby and her cousins explored the hotel and swam in the glass-bottom pool while Gabby snapped a few shots from below.
Mom and Dad relaxed.
Mom and Dad and Abby returned to Michigan the next day due to other obligations.  Gabby and Alyvia stayed with the rest of the family, went sight-seeing, and flew home the next day (unescorted!!!)
While the family was all in Montreal, Axel Rose was boarded with the trainer.  No one was happy about leaving him, and he must have been confused.  Upon Carrie and Mike's return to Michigan they went right from the airport to pick him up and bring him home.
Something wasn't right with the pup and on August 9, Axel Rose died at Woodhaven Veterinary Hospital of organ failure.  For most of the family it has been the first sudden loss of a well-loved one.  Now, a month later there are still tears that come at unexpected times.


On August 22, Gabby returned to Gabriel Richard High School as a sophomore and Abby started 7th grade at St. Pius School.


My older daughter, Katie, visited in August bringing her cat, Elijah with her.
For Gabby the sweet kitty was good therapy for the loss of her puppy.


Before school even opened Abby was practicing with her school Varsity 1 volleyball team.  One of the youngest on the team, she doesn't play the whole game, but she gets her share and plays her heart out.  She is tall, athletic, and a good player.
Mom and Gabby keep score.  Gabby also coaches the younger players.  Daddy is athletic director.  It is quite the family affair.


Gibraltar Carlson High School Football is another family affair.  Gabby is now the official football photographer with her new Canon camera and a blog of photos for the players and family, especially.  Her dad is a coach for the team.
(Gabby is also dating one of the players...Shhhhh!)  I doubt that it is much of a secret!

And that is the end of Summer 2018

Sumertime - JULY 2018

The town celebration of the Fourth starts with a parade.  It has been a long time since the whole family could enjoy the parade together as it marched past the house on Marr.  Grandpa and Butch had the hot rod parked in the drive, but wouldn't put it in the parade.  A few friends took rides in it after the parade.
 I was quite amused by the party hats and balloons on SnapChat's map on both Carrie and me for our shared birthday on July 6.
 My present from Roman was a family dinner at Mancy's in Toledo.  It was the first time in many years that the family was not at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island for the 4th with the other grandma. 
The day before my birthday a package arrived from my brother snd sister-in-law.  They wanted to mark my 80th birthday in a special way so my sister-in-law had made this beautiful quilt for me.  It is something I will treasure all of my life and pass on to my descendants.
 Gabby and Abby were each allowed to bring a friend to the Lakehouse for a visit.  Gabby, of course, brought her boy friend, Earl and Gabby brought Rina. 
 I guess Earl thought Gabby's catch was less than spectacular.
Dinner was at everyone's favorite restaurant, Jerry's on the Lake.  Good food and plenty of goofing around.
Abby went fishing at dusk and, as usual, caught a more-than-respectible bass.

More Birthday - -JUNE 2018

June 26-Gabbys Birthday

Gabby's birthday, June 25, included a surprise party with some of her Gabriel Richard High School bowling team.
After some bowling and photos, Gabby received a surprise video call from her favorite pro-wrestler, Kane.
 Her official birthday "Selfie"
Her cake at the bowling alley

Birthdays - JUNE 2018

Abby's Party

Although Abby's birthday is in April, she begged to have a pool party this year, so we celebrated on  June 22
When the evening came, friends from Gibraltar arrived as did many of her classmates from St. Pius School.  The two groups did not mix well.
 St. Pius students
Gibraltar friends
After a meal of pizza and other teen-foods, the local kids left.


After pizza and other party-food, her mother brought out plates of cupcakes.  At first, frosting was spread all over Abby in celebration and then others got into the sticky fmess and cake.  I am not sure how much was actually eaten.  Most of the party-goers jumped into the pool to wash off and the pool had a layer of frosting on it for a few days.

Before it got too dark, the classmates, all from other Downriver towns, wanted to see Gibraltar.  With Mother following in her truck, they set off to the pavilion, park, and Dairy Queen.
 What a sight this must have been!

Abby had not expected gifts, since her real birthday was in April, but she received a lot of cards, money and "young lady" gifts of cologne and other cosmetics.  It was after 11:00 before all of the party-goers were collected by parents, who also enjoyed visiting and having a drink with Abby's parents.

Athletic Awards Banquet - MAY 2018

Abby is alone at St Pius School now that her sister is at Gabriel Richard High School.  The whole family attended the St Pius Awards banquet, though.  Her sister took the photos.
As Athletic Director for the school, her dad was the MC, introducing all of the coaches to give awards for all of the sports.
The most important awards were for Student Athletes.  These students had to carry a 3. average and participate in at least 2 sports.  Abby qualified again this year.
Besides their medals each student-athlete received a special t-shirt.

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