Friday, April 13, 2018

Catching up - APRIL 2018

We have been in Florida for the past
3 plus months.  We haven't used the pool much but our company later in the winter has.
GABBY-Fall 2017
Fall 2017, Gabby played Freshman Volleyball for her new high school, Gabriel Richard. She really didn't like her photo taken.  She was #21.

The freshmen girls seemed to have the most fun when playing a team with ex-classmates from St. Pius, now from other high schools.  Lots of fraternizing after the games.


 Abagael played basketball for the Winter and won several MVP awards.  Although the coaches choose this time her father, Athletic Director, presented the award.  She is a fierce player and nicknamed The Beast.

For Christmas the family got a dog.  Two days before the holiday Gabby, Carrie and I drove to the other side of Ann Arbor to meet a breeder related to one of Carrie's fellow teachers.  It was supposed to be a surprise for Abby and her dad but they had guessed.
The purebred "Party-colored Yorkie" immediately worked his way into all of our hearts.

Axel goes everywhere with the family and is a special hit at basketball games.  So many people want to hold him that sometimes they don't know exactly where he is.  Once home again he sleeps and sleeps.
March 16, 17, 18, and 19 Carrie and Gabby, only, were here for a mini break.
They had plenty of time for pool and beach while the weather back home was cold, cold, cold.
There were tributes all over the country for the 17 children killed by a Florida school shooting.  This photo is from Gabriel Richard High School in Michigan, that Gabby attends.
Near the end of March, Butch and Merna visited from Michigan especially for Roman's birthday.  On that birthday, March 29, Carrie, Mike and the girls flew in and overlapped Butch and Merna by a couple of days, including Easter, the day after Roman's birthday this year.
With almost 10 days in Florida for Spring Break, there was a lot of pool-time and beach-time.  This time Axel, the puppy, flew down and back with them.
 Yes, take 2 teen girls to the beach and teen boys seem to pop out of nowhere.

A walk along Indian River Drive and a stop at Captain Hirams and Squid Lips was almost a daily routine.
The Suchy Family official family Spring Break portrait

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