Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ready for Winter

November 21...that's right.  I have my sun room door open and was sitting on the deck in just a light sweatshirt.  The bird feeder has been moved closer to the house in preparation for winter, so I don't have to slog out in the snow to fill feeders.

The woodpecker couple have been at the suet feeder constantly.  What a delight.  They don't seem to care if I am there or moving about in the sun room they just stick to it until they are ready to leave.  The chickadees and nuthatches, on the other hand, are so skittish that if I even THINK "camera" they are gone.  They each came in briefly while I sat on the porch but I wasn't even breathing.  Gone in a flash.  Oh well, if it were easy it wouldn't be a challenge.  The Goldfinches are sporting their winter colors but still visiting several times a day.

Thanks to the long spell of warm weather my garden is prepared well for winter.  All of the planters, and garden decor is in the garage.  All of the annuals have been removed and the perennials cut back to their winter size.   The roses are still uncovered because, believe it or not, they are still blooming.

I took the camera outside to get a photo of what I assume will be the last rose of summer.  Snow is predicted for next week sometime.  While I was out there both the Chickadee and the little skittish Nuthatch came in to the feeder.  Snap, Snap!

What a strange year this has been, weather-wise.

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