Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Year Without a Summer...

This is a phrase I am hearing so often this year.  It is early October and snow is all around us.  We MIGHT have a surprise Indian Summer but I certainly don't count on it.  I still have bulbs that need to be replanted and, perhaps, some new special tulip bulbs from a friend.
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I suspect that the cold has driven away my pair of hummingbirds.  I read the species named with migrating birds.  They may be gone already.  The woodpeckers have found the new suet-cake holder, thank goodness.  I really think the expensive suet cakes are not appreciated by the sparrows.  They only eat that when their feeder is empty.

The styro cones are ready and waiting for the roses but they are still trying to bloom.  I can not cut back a budded rose cane.  When I have totally given up on decent weather I will get out and cut or pull the annuals; zinnias, Cardinal flower vine, nasturtiums and the rogue tomato.  More about that later.

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