Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hometown Photoshoot

There is a group of ladies in an Internet forum who have become really good friends over the last 5 or 6 years. Some recently decided to exchange postcards of their home towns.
Out new and old welcome sign combined
My wee town (2,000 people or so) does not seem to have any postcards.  I checked with City Hall and the nearby pharmacy.  Not much else in businesses in this city.  No postcards. So today I took my camera on a little shoot.
Looking up-river from one of the bridges
Here are some of the photos I didn't use...yet.  We have boats, boats, boats!!!  There are several marinas and, it has been said, there are more boats than the population.  Possibly because besides the marinas, there are loads of boats kept at the docks of those on the water.
A canal-side leisure spot
 With so many of the homes on the water, the residents love their outdoor living even if it is confined to a few short months.
City Hall with a nod to our geography on the water
When our city hall was built, the theme was all about the water, from the lighthouse in the architecture to the blue tile stripes around the buildings, to the chain and anchor parking separators in the parking lot.
Horse Island Bridge
Of course, if there are 5 natural canals, there have to be bridges.  We have 7 bridges and this one is the most scenic one.  It looks the same now as it did 70 some years ago when I first started visiting grandparents on Horse Island.  The road leading over the bridge was not paved back then.

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