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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012-09-11 Some more Close Encounters

Garden in Fall
After last week's Hummingbird photos it seems that there have been more opportunities.  Is it just that Autumn gives us more and better chances?

Hard to photograph because they rest with wings closed.

Sphinx Moth Caterpillar
 I seem to get one of these every year on my tomato plants.  A couple of years ago my granddaughter had just been through a series of lessons on "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" .  She was VERY sure this was the same exact one.  Such a beautiful caterpillar for such an  ugly moth.

My dear little Chick-a-dee
These fellows zip in, grab some seed and fly away again so fast I have never been able to get a really good photo...until this week.  I had just put out fresh seed on their favorite feeder.  I spilled a VERY small amount on the porch.  As soon as I went inside this bold bird came right onto the porch after the seed and I got a close up.


1)  The hawk that came right under the porch roof after a dove sitting against my doorwall...not 8 feet away.  They both flew off but not before a couple of hits into the glass of the doorwall.  I grabbed the camera but they were gone.  I will never know if the dove got away or not.

2) The pair of raccoons that caused a noise under my bedroom window that I thought was my son, perhaps sitting there having a cigarette.  I went around to the door, turned on the light and stepped out to see the two youngsters poking around my potting bench...again, about 8 feet away.  No...I wasn't even tempted to grab my camera.
Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012-09-02 Hummingbird Photos AT LAST










I have tried for years to get a photo or two of these elusive little critters.  I am usually sitting out when they come around and before I can grab a camera, they are gone.  Today this fellow and his partner stuck around until I had over 70 pictures.  These are the ones I liked the best.

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