Sunday, June 6, 2010


As seen from my office
This is the "View from my Office (thank you for the idea, Marge Lundy,,,who is a full time RVer and takes photos of the changing scene from her office window daily).

If you look closely you might make out the several bird feeding stations here and there. The camera is always at the ready because you NEVER know.

Today I filled the little cups with grape jelly on the Oriole Feeder and spiked an orange half where it belongs.  You can just see a touch of color beyond my camera way out in the yard against the fence.
Mrs. Oriole
Within minutes the female oriole was sampling the jelly.  I have seen the flashes of orange around and figured they were looking for the feeder which was new last July.  I just didn't expect they would be here so quickly.

Mr. Oriole
The male was not far behind.  In fact, I was still at the camera when She left and He landed.  Now I feel guilty for waiting so long to get the feeder out there.

Next goal?  Finding their hanging nest in the tree behind my yard.  I know it is there because they come from and go to that tree all the time.  I looked with binoculars after the leaves fell last fall but never spotted it.

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