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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Blog Every Day in November (2015)

It looks like half a year since I blogged and that makes me unhappy.  The "Blog-A-Day" for this month sounds like it should kick start me.

November 1 - SUNDAY:  Well, the Hallowe'en-ers are gone and most of the candy is, too.  I am sure the granddaughters will take care of finishing the left over.  I think Gabby's costume was the best of the 50 or so costumed beggers who came around.  Gabby and her dad built a Claw Machine out of a big cardboard box. Her mother took part in the design and details.

November 2 - MONDAY:  This was Turkey Trot day for the students at St. Pius.  They chose our Metro Park for the run.  Abby ran, Gabby stayed back with a sore leg and helped with the younger children.  Their mommy and I got to the park in time for her to run with the kids

November 3 - TUESDAY:  While R's son is home all week they decided to cut the grass and mulch the fallen leaves so I picked up the girls from school.  Some how the 6 of us ended up at Pranks-On-The-Marsh for Taco Night.

I spent most of the earlier part of the day trying to straighten out the Benjamin line of Mother's side of the family.  John was a sailor on a Privateer ship, the Defense, that ran goods to and from countries illegally as England had ordered that all goods had to go through England.  Since they occasionally "took" a ship or fort on their own they were really Pirates.

November 4 - WEDNESDAY:  

November 5 - THURSDAY:
R. called at a little after 5 that he was packing.  His father had passed away at 5:00 and he was leaving for Florida.  I told him I could be packed in an hour ready to go with him.  As it was, with some business he had to do, we didn't leave until 10 AM.  By 10 PM we were ready to find a motel for the night.

 November 6 - FRIDAY
On the road early the next morning and at his dad's place by 4 PM.

By 6 PM we were at our place in Sebastian.  Neighbors stopped by with condolences.  The house had been cleaned thoroughly and was quite the welcome sight.

November 7 - SATURDAY
Funeral is all set.
The television isn't working.  Direct has sent a new box.  We watched the Michigan State football game on my computer and that worked well.

November 8 - SUNDAY
No TV so R watched my computer.  Netflix, Longmire - Season 4 for 10 hours!.

November 9 - MONDAY
Attorney meeting.  No news
Called the City of Gibraltar and they let me pay my water bill by credit card.  Nice to know.  A neighbor loaned us a TV they weren't using and hours on the phone with Direct TV, finally got us some entertainment.

November 10 - TUESDAY - 20 anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald.
Pedicure while R handles business by phone.

November 11 - WEDNESDAY Veterans Day
Funeral Home visitation for R's dad.

November 12 - Thursday
Interment for R's dad.

 Dinner at VFW for family

November 13 - Friday
A down-day.  R has a lot of work to do with his sister and the attorney.  Even with a will and stuff there may be 2 years getting everything straightened out.  R's daughter and her friend (and dog) went sightseeing around here.

November 14 - Saturday
Prime-time MSU Football win over Maryland - Go Sparty!

November 15 - Sunday
 Lunch at Squid Lips with T and her friend, P. before they went back to St Augustine.

November 16  - Monday
November 17 - Tuesday
November 18 - Wednesday
November 19 - Thursday

November 20 - Friday
A day in Cocoa Beach.
I went with R to the attorney's office and a couple of banks.  Then we went to lunch at Rusty's on the Port with Jane and Bob.

November 21 - Saturday

November 22 - Sunday
November 23 - Monday

What Have I Been Doing?

My last post was when the granddaughters and their parents were visiting us in Florida.  Nothing much has happened but I should be able to catch up in a brief entry.

They finished the Hot Rod.  A few car shows and car cruises and. surprise of surprises, they are tearing it down in order to rebuild the engine to get "More Power".

It was a quiet summer with just day to day and week to week normal tasks and events.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

What Are We Doing This Summer, You Ask?

There was so much going on the days the grands and their parents were with us in Florida for Easter that a collage seemed the best choice.

It is always sad when they leave but we are usually only 2 weeks or so behind them coming home.

This year we had one more round of company before we headed for home.  "He" has been friends with this couple since high school; me, only 35 years or so. We are so close to beaches that most of our company ends up there at least once while with us.

 One of the highlights as we head home is spending a day or two with his daughter in St. Augustine.  I could be happy spending the rest of my life drinking tea, coffee, wine, in her gorgeous walled garden with pond and waterfall.  It is the mental happy place I go when I need to.
 We arrived home just in time for Mothers' Day.  My son discovered Detroit's Eastern Market and I benefited with this great Mandevilla planter, a flat of herbs, and a hanging basket.  My daughter had planted my porch planter boxes and another pot for the front porch.  What a blessing!!!

Once back home, the fellas went to work upgrading the hot rod.  I predict lots of car shows this summer.  Another one of His high school buddies works with them on some of the stickier adjustments.  Darn that thing sounds good when they start it. 
Towards the end of the school year things get a little jammed-up for the family, what with 2 students and 2 teachers finalizing the end-of-year duties.  The girls were on vacation almost a week before their parents so Grandma had them around.  Daddy took us to dinner at a local restaurant and things got a little silly.

The pool was used here at the very beginning of summer, but they go to their lakehouse for a lot of the summer, now, and the pool gets lonely.
The big deal at the Lakehouse this summer is this huge blow-up Tahitian Island raft.  There is kids time on it and later, adult time.  Lots of friends visit them at the lake.

The last weekend of the school year, Abby and her scout/brownie troop went to camp.  They had a lot of rain, but managed to have a wonderful time anyway. 
I live half a block from Lake Erie.  What do the ducks want with my pool???
We celebrated Gabby's birthday with a family dinner at the local restaurant, and then treats at the newly opened Elizabeth Perk Coffee and Ice Cream.  She has to wait until after The Grand week to get her laptop from me and she was anxious.
 Awwww, Abby!  The store replaced it.

On Father's Day I THOUGHT the family was at the Lakehouse, but they surprised us at our back yard barbecue. The girls had made a big poster using real candy bars of appropriate titles to send a sweet (LOL) message for Grandpa and me.
The evening was spent with friends and family and a bonfire.
Fourth of July week they always spend the time with their other grandma and family at The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  Lucky little girls and lucky parents!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Easter in Florida

Ever since 2003 we have been in Florida for Easter.  One year I did fly back to Michigan for the April 27th birth of a granddaughter, flying back to Florida to drive home with him early in May.

Every year but that one, my daughter and her husband have spent their Easter vacation from teaching with us in Florida.  Now their two daughters accompany them.  Easter traditions have evolved from the Bunny hiding baskets and toys, to hunts outside, to this year's celebration. This year, the family arrived by air late on Good Friday.

Saturday there was the city's egg hunt and lots of swimming.

The girls took a break from the pool to color eggs.  We do it a little differently.  I boiled the eggs before they get here.  We peeled the eggs, cut them in half, scooped out the yellows into a bowl.  Then the peeled and halved eggs were dipped in cups of food coloring and water.  The girls insist on the florescent colors.

While the older one was dying the whites, the younger and I whipped up the Deviled Egg fillings from the cooked yolks, mayonnaise, relish, and a bit of mustard.  I often add a little heat to the filling, too.

There they are...our colored eggs.

Sunday Morning:

Daddy and his girls went to Easter Mass.  When they returned the Easter Bunny had visited.  There were 72 candy-filled eggs to find and some surprise items, all hidden about the yard.

Then they were in the pool...again.
Their Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Rich arrived from St. Augustine early in the day and it really seemed like a party.  The guests all decided to make a picnic of Easter Dinner by eating outside on paper plates.  So much less work for everyone.

Evening in the screen house looking out at the lake and enjoying family and neighbors was just the holiday we all wanted.

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