Monday, September 19, 2016

Summer 2016

This is just a day or two from the end of summer so it is a good time to catch up.
MAY 4 &5 -  We were on the road from FL to MI.  We don't visit along the way home because we are often so anxious to get back to our homes and lives.

MAY 8 - My personal goal is to be home for Mother's Day.  This year I was and we actually got a photo!!!

My Grandma-Cave!  I spend more time here than anywhere else in the house.  Left to right are my coloring station, genealogy area, garden at the back and along the right (East) wall is my computer L and the granddaughters' craft area.  The 4th wall is a mirrored closet of craft stuff.
This is my new coloring area.  Originally I meant for it to be a genealogy work area, but now I need it more for coloring.  I am so glad my older granddaughter colors with me, too.

This is the other reason for hurrying home.  Getting ready for the next car show!

The pool wasn't used much this year except early in the summer and during the girls' aunt's and
uncle's week here.

The younger granddaughter played basketball this year.  I was excited to go to her sports banquet at the end of the school year.

My garden had a spectacular Spring.

JUNE 10 - Gabby's last day of seventh grade.  Next year that class will be the "Seniors" of the school.

JUNE 10 - Abby's last day of fourth grade.  Next year, in fifth grade, she will be at the top of the elementary tier. She will be playing JV sports.

Gabby and her mother and sister enjoyed one more summer in the pool.  Whether or not it will be in use again next summer is still in question.

We all went to the Fort Street Cruise to see and be seen.  The hot rod got a lot of notice.

In July the girls and their dad's family were at The Grand for the Independence Day week.  The girls have outgrown the children's activities and "hang out" now with the teen gang. Some of those teens have been at the hotel with them years before so they are pretty well acquainted.  They went to movies, went ballroom dancing in the evenings and hung out at the pool during the days. Gabby counted nearly 20 kids in the Mackinaw Gang.

Here at home, I could see the city fireworks from my front porch through the 9 spikes of Yucca.  This fall all of the Yucca and other plants go in favor of lawn right up to the porch.

The two girls in blue are friends from another family.  L to R then, is Abby, Alyvia, and Gabby all dressed for one of the formal nights at The Grand Hotel.

This is Gabby's creation of some of her pictures from The Grand week on Mackinac Island.

Sunning on the Lawn.

JULY 6 - Headed to Toledo with Roman for my birthday dinner.
My new Pandora Dragonfly charm.

A couple of days later, Carrie and I celebrated my 78th and her xxth birthday at the Waterfront Grill in Wyandotte.  They have my beloved Moscow Mule drinks from the 60s!

A couple of Gibraltar residents have drones with cameras and we are seeing some wonderful photos of our unique town of islands.  Many of the homes have views of Lake Erie to die for!

Volleyball started in August and, although Gabby was the first to sign up and start practices, soon Abby joined the younger team and Daddy decided to coach Gabby's team.

This was Gabby's favorite photo of her heart dress.

My brother surprised me on my birthday as he was passing through on his way up north for a month of golf with buddies.  I was too surprised to take photos that day but he came back for a couple of days later.  This time the girls and Andy were there.  It turned into a musical jam.

Chuck even went for a ride in the hot rod.

AUG 8 - In August Carrie and Mike went to Vegas with his mother for a couple of days.  Carrie always did like that town and now Mike, too, wants to go back.

AUG 10 - There they are...Miss Eighth Grader and Miss Fifth Grader on the first day of school.

First volleyball game of the season, Abby was awarded the Player of the Game medal by the tournament host school.

 Gabby and her team did well, also, with Coach Daddy.

August also saw the start of the curbside makeover with a new path going in that will be much easier for us all to maneuver.

AUG 6 -  This was Katie's first visit in a couple of years.  She brought her kitty and Guinea Pig.  with the loss of Trooper, the dog Gabby and my neighbor, Renae, shared, Elija and the Guinea Pig were welcome therapy.

My two girls looking really good
  And my son, as well.

 SEPT 09 - Step 2 in the front yard was the removal of an almost-100-year-old Maple tree between our driveways.  It was lifting and cracking both drives so it had to go, but it was difficult to watch. 
SEPT 12 - The next day Mark returned with the stump grinder and finished the job.

Another wonderful drone picture.  This is the outer island of our little town.  My grandmother's house is just beyond the red roof.

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