Monday, December 28, 2009

Photos I Wish I Had Taken:

My visiting daughter and I were sitting in the computer / garden / bird-viewing room when something large swooped in over the house and landed on the fountain wall.  As soon as it rested we could see that it was a largish, brown and white hawk.  We were both so shocked neither of us could locate a camera although mine was right at my elbow. 

I may have seen this hawk before.  Last year one was sitting on the top of the bird feeder hook for the longest time.  Just couldn't get him in focus. 

Again, on Halloween night this year one was sitting on the top of the utility pole in front of my house.  There was time for my son-in-law to run in and get my camera.  He did a great job of snapping off a few pictures.  This was identified as a Coopers Hawk by a neighbor.  I have no idea if it is the same hawk, though.
Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter in Michigan

The "Big Storm" missed us and we only received an inch or so of snow while the East Coast was hit with two FEET!  But it was enough here to give the garden a winter look.

I love to check out the critter footprints in the snow the morning after even an inch of snow.

Here I identified mice, rabbit, and squirrel.  Could be something more exotic some day.  As we drove East on a road away from the new Humbug Marsh Wildlife preserve, we noticed a coyote loping through a yard along the road.  He looked to be well-fed and rather larger than others I have seen trotting along the roadside in the past.  Given the wildlife in the Marsh I wonder why he would leave that buffet.

Mother always said when she saw a "Snowbird" (Junco) there would be snow within 24 hours.  This little guy has been around the last 2 days and, sure enough, we have had snow  the last few evenings.  I know this doesn't make sense scientifically, but it happens so often it makes one wonder.

This Nuthatch and a pair of Chick-A-Dees are also winter visitors I never seem to see in summer.  I am being careful about feeding the birds.  A neighbor will take over with my left-over seed cakes while we are in Florida.  I leave a few days between feedings in the seed feeder to be sure the other birds have other places to get food.

This is the first orchid I have ever had bloom for me.  I rescued a couple sad pieces of orchids from under a neighbor's bushes when we were cleaning up her property (now in the hands of her children who live far away).  Needless to say I am thrilled and hopeful that I finally know how to care for these plants.  Another one that was a gift is near to blooming also.  Those two pots will be going back to Florida with us.  I don't know if I will leave them there or cart them back to Michigan again in Spring.
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Winter Garden

Isn't that a sad sight?  Everything looks so cold and dead, but it is all just waiting for Spring.  The only signs of life are the rabbits, squirrels, and the winter birds at the feeders.

A couple more weeks, though, and I will be gardening in Florida again.  I want to look back on this picture and remember what is going on in Michigan.  I may take ONE more photo if it snows before we leave.

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