Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Feel like a Yoyo.

We made it back home for Thanksgiving but what was supposed to be a 2-week trip to see to his dad had turned into 6 weeks.

We stayed overnight in Knoxville, Tennessee at a familiar Days Inn where we stopped the last couple of years.  This would be unremarkable except for our weird wake-up call.  A few minutes after 6 AM we heard crowing.  Crowing?  In a motel? We first thought it was another guest's cell phone alarm, then maybe a guest's wake-up call.  Finally I got up and opened the curtain a bit...and there he was!
Kind of scrawny
An escapee?
 I never pretended to be a country girl and I swear, that was the first time I ever heard a real rooster crow.

The manager told us at breakfast that he had appeared out of the blue the morning before.  A road crew was also staying at the same Days Inn and one of them got a box and was going to take the rooster back to his farm the next day.
A Barn-Find?
This car appeared to be all original and in need of a little care.  He called it a "Barn Find" because that was the only way to explain something that old in this condition.  I can just imagine it lovingly restored and on show in a year or two.

We arrived home on Friday with the next Thursday being Thanksgiving.  We alternate years with the granddaughters' other grandparents and this was our year or we might not have even come home.

The "Tablescape" was basic because so much food had to be put on the table when the family finally sat down.
My Thanksgiving Table
Dishes from Home Goods, linens from Pier One
Ceramic pumpkins from Avon, flowers from Kroger

Scrapbook page of Thanksgiving

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