Friday, April 13, 2018

Catching up - APRIL 2018

We have been in Florida for the past
3 plus months.  We haven't used the pool much but our company later in the winter has.

GABBY-Fall 2017
Fall 2017, Gabby played Freshman Volleyball for her new high school, Gabriel Richard. She really didn't like her photo taken.  She was #21.

The freshmen girls seemed to have the most fun when playing a team with ex-classmates from St. Pius, now from other high schools.  Lots of fraternizing after the games.


 Abagael played basketball for the Winter and won several MVP awards.  The coaches choose, but in this one her father, Athletic Director, presented the award.  She is a fierce player and nicknamed The Beast.

For Christmas the family got a dog.  Two days before the holiday Gabby, Carrie and I drove to the other side of Ann Arbor to meet a breeder related to one of Carrie's fellow teachers.  It was supposed to be a surprise for Abby and her dad but they had guessed.
The purebred "Party-colored Yorkie" immediately worked his way into all of our hearts.

Axel goes everywhere with the family and is a special hit at basketball games.  So many people want to hold him that sometimes they don't know exactly where he is.  Once home again he sleeps and sleeps.
March 16, 17, 18, and 19 Carrie and Gabby, only, were here for a mini break.

They had plenty of time for pool and beach
while the weather back home was cold, cold, cold.


There were tributes all over for the 17 children killed by a Florida school shooting.  This photo is from Gabriel Richard High School in Michigan, that Gabby attends.

Near the end of March, Butch and Merna visited from Michigan especially for Roman's birthday.  On that birthday, March 29, Carrie, Mike and the girls flew in and overlapped Butch and Merna by a couple of days, including Easter, the day after Roman's birthday this year.

With almost 10 days in Florida for Spring Break, there was a lot of pool-time and beach-time.  This time Axel, the puppy, flew down and back with them.

 Yes, take 2 teen girls to the beach and teen boys seem to pop out of nowhere.

A walk along Indian River Drive and a stop at Captain Hirams and Squid Lips was almost a daily routine.
The Suchy Family official family Spring Break portrait

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Time to Catch Up - SEPTEMBER 2017

 Abby jumped right into volleyball at her school, playing on a varsity team although she is only in 6th grade.  She is competitive and athletic, perfect for volleyball and her winter sport of basketball.

By early September, Gabby was seeing a boy from Wyandotte Roosevelt, who played football (#58).  It was inevitable that his and Gabby's Dad's team would be playing against each other.  Unfortunately, Gabby had a volleyball game that afternoon and sister Abby was the photographer at Wyandotte.  Also, unfortunately, Carlson lost that game and a subsequent rematch a month later. 

Later in September Gabby's school's homecoming and dance were the same night as her date's.  They chose to go to the Wyandotte dance.  Both families got together at Bishop Park along with a ton of other families to take photos of the kids and, for most, their first dressy dance.  Later that night Gabby said it was The Best night of her life.

The parents posed with both kids and even the 3 grandmothers got into the photos.

Time to Catch Up - AUGUST 2017

As my dear neighbor prepared to leave on a 6-month jaunt to visit good friends (and some business) her son and some friends took over her house next door.  To the delight of my granddaughters, one couple moved in with a couple of puppies.  Adorable and energetic!
Things at The Lakehouse heated up and Gabby had to choose between home with Dad and Grandma or at the lakehouse with Mom and sister.  She managed to balance it pretty well.

Gabby had to be around for volleyball practices as she worked to make the Freshman team for fall.  Here are the freshman girls (green) with their varsity big sisters (yellow).
She made the team!  The only lefty.  Sometimes it pays off.

Using Grandma's big Canon camera Gabby signed on as team photographer for the Carlson freshmen team her dad is coaching this year.

Carrie's Carlson class had a reunion at the winery near Carrie and Mike's lake house.  Abby went with her mother and played photographer and DJ for the day and evening.

Some of the old gang went back to the Lakehouse for an afterglow.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Time to Catch Up - JULY 2017

The first week of July the family goes to Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  The Suchy family in several cars travel on one day and stay overnight at a motel on the mainland.
In no time at all the girls' friends from former Independence Weeks found each other and made plans for hanging out the rest of the week.  They look so sweet all dressed for dinner.
 Carrie and Gabby both celebrated their birthdays Grand Hotel Style.
Here is "The Gang" of teens.  With a parent or two nearby, they often danced until the band left, then gathered in the foyer until wee hours of the morning.

This year's Grand Hotel Family Portrait
The first Grand Hotel Family Portrait
Back home, I was having the old, leaky living room windows replaced with Majic Windows.

Gabby decided she wanted to buy a game system.  Her girlfriend came over to help break it in but it took one of her male classmates to come over and set it up.  Then it was play time and connect with friends with the same system.

The playstation has to stay at Grandma's house until she goes to Florida, said Dad.   I don't mind the kids coming over to play at all.

Swimming during the hot days was an option for Gabby while her sister spent much of the summer at the Lake House with their mommy.

During their few days home, Grandma (me) took advantage to spend some time with Abby and Carrie.  Here we are having dinner with their other grandmother.

Here we are at Savannah's celebrating Butch's and Markie's shared birthday.

There was plenty of time to spend at the lake, since it is only an hour away.
With boating comes tubing!

Back home, Gabby was staying at Grandma's house going to orientations and sports tryouts at her new school, Gabriel Richard High School. 

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