Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Michigan Mice

Can you see both of them?

There is only one here.

As I was staring aimlessly out the den window into my flower garden, I noticed a little disturbance in the lavender. I looked closer and discovered a wee mouse feasting on spilled thistle seed from the bird feeder. Soon he/she was joined by another tiny gray field mouse. "Ok", I said, "Enjoy yourselves because before fall you HAVE to go one way or another. I cannot go to Florida and risk mice getting into my house.

It became a morning/evening ritual to watch the little fellas, but part of me wanted the mice to be gone. Meanwhile I showed them to my 4 year old granddaughter. Big mistake! She named them...Tiny and Sam. Now what was I going to do?

Another day, after an all-day-rain, the two mice AND a dove were all trying to eat the spilled thistle seed. The mice, considerable smaller than the dove, nonetheless, were PUSHING the dove with their heads. I wish I had a digital video cam. It was more than funny!

Along comes my friend's two little dogs. The larger of the two is a terrier. I am taking care of the sweet little dogs while she is in the hospital. The very first thing the terrier did was dive into the garden to root out the mice. Last I saw of Tiny and Sam they were headed into my neighbor's yard. The dogs will be here for a while so the mice may just make home in another place...I hope.


MKBashlor said...

Hi mom,

I love how you write, so engaging. It's a shame more readers don't know it is here... perhaps more retired folks. But I now realize you are one of the few of your generation who are computer savvy.

I just attended a writer's workshop at my Graduate School in San Francisco. The instructors who were accomplished writers did not have a response as to how I may become more engaged as a writer online. One simply stated, "I will learn from you on this." Indicating the rest of the younger set of folks in the classroom.

Another thought, have you ever considered writing books? If you are able to send out a note via email, I will look forward to keeping up with your "snowbird adventures."

To not get lost among the junk mail, I am best reached at innovate68@hotmail.com.


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