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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Camera Back in Action

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this pair of Osprey this noon. The island where they roost is to the west of us and evening is usually when they roost. By their roosting at noon, today, the sun gave me a better view of their white markings, instead of just an evening silhouette.

We saw an alligator this noon. It was right in front of the house and moved around very slowly. Finally I got the camera on a tripod and went out to the seawall with it. At one point I could see his whole body through the water and I estimated it at 4 feet nose to tip of the tail. About then he turned toward me and looked right at me. This is not the first time an alligator in the lake has met me eye-to-eye and it is quite an experience. There is no fear and you can't really read curiosity in the eyes...just cold measuring of the prey, or no prey.

We have seen no sign of the 14 footer from last year. The den and beach across the bay where he spent the winter is well under water. We figure the water level in the lake is up about 6 inches over last year and covers the little "beaches" that developed along the shore lines. The long-legged water birds still wander in the shallows, but other birds that congregated on the sand, now are on the lawns in the evenings.

The bench where we would sit almost every evening succumbed to the heat of last summer and the metal broke into several pieces. The guys bought another bench and put it in place, so we are back by the water's edge each evening with binoculars and camera (and a couple of beers).
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