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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More on the Owl

A litte better shot of the Great Horned Owl nesting in the tower. I am still quite frozen when she spreads the wings and takes off hunting in the evening. We have it pegged to 6:30pm as a prime watching time, but with Daylight Savings Time and Spring on the way, we will adjust.

So far I have seen no evidence of a second Owl and that brings a lot of questions to mind. Who helps sit the eggs? ARE there any eggs? Who will help care for the babies? Al that I have read says that the owl couple co-parent. Maybe I have just missed the changing of the guard in the night.
Why are there always more questions than answers???

2 comments: said...

Hi Laura, I've so enjoyed reading your blog, love the photos of the places you've been, it's probably the closest I'll ever be to seeing them! I'm now going to go and make my blog a bit more interesting! Keep it up, I've added you to my Google Reader :).

Cheers....Dawn said...

I forgot to say on your KEY WEST ROAD TRIP - DAY 2 page there are five photos that aren't showing up.

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