Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Before We Leave...

My Old Dear's aunt was born New Years Eve (year still under discussion). This year was not good to her. She lost her husband in the spring and this fall, fell, winding up in a rehabilitation home. Her dear son arranged a great gathering in the party room of the residence, today, including her 4 remaining siblings. There were originally 8 children in the family. Although the survivors all live in the area, all are elderly and none can drive any more. They had not all been together for quite a while, especially for a happy situation. (Funerals are not the place for family photos) My main purpose for being there was to be the person behind the camera. When the 5 all were together, hugging and greeting one another, there was hardly a dry eye in the room, including the people who work in the residence. Here is my favorite photo.

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