Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Sandhill Cranes

We were just having dinner and waiting to watch the Kentucky Derby yesterday when we heard the trumpet of a Sandhill Crane...CLOSE. In fact, it turns out it was on the lawn right next door to our friends' house. At that short distance the sound will clear your sinuses!! When I got closer I could see that another bird, a Great Blue Heron was on the same lawn. We have assumed that the amount of wild life we see on a daily basis is due to the house being on a lake with a wildlife preserve island in the middle. This was in a subdivision! One with a long waterway, but still completely populated.

So I grabbed my little camera and stalked the big bird. Not that he cared. I could have probably gone closer, but I was not that brave. It was a BIG BIRD! THis bird had the adult markings of the Sandhill Crane as opposed to the teenage parents I photographed 2 days ago. (last post)

I just had to include this photo of three yellow-headed ducks swimming past our friends' lawn. They really do see a lot of wildlife for living in a totally settled area.
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