Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This and That

I have been taking a lot of photos of things I consider interesting.  This post will be a bit of a mishmash of photos.  I hope you like them.
It is Spring in Florida and that means running Spring Break for school kids from Kindergarten through College.  This surf shop brought in a sand sculptor to entertain and attract.  I didn't get to see the finished product but I thought the work-in-progress was quite interesting.

No telling what you will see once warm weather arrives.  Bike Week was over but this bike was in the parking lot of a restaurant we were visiting.  Alligator heads?  Even on the guards?  (shrug)

This is my "Mystery Plant".  I found this big bulb one morning casually thrown on the lawn.  It looked a bit like a big red onion with several bites taken out of it. 

It was severely nibbled.  Some marauding animal had left it. Then I saw a little green shoot.  Being my mother's daughter, where there is life it must be planted.  Within a few days the wee shoot looked like this.

We still have no idea what it is but it continues to grow.  We may have to wait for next winter to figure it out.

I still don't know what this little bird is but they are so fast that when I get a photo of one I want to share it.  

This looks really odd but I had to take the photo through a screen door.  This little green tree frog spent quite a few cold days in hibernation on the inside of our screen decoration.  Then, once it turned warmer it was gone.

We also just painted the house on the outside.  For those in the North who don't have to paint brick or aluminum siding this is a rude awakening.  On the plus side, you can change the color of your house each time.

Finally, this is a photo I took of a Great Blue Heron yesterday.  The only bad thing was trying to ignore the small brown rats digging through a trash bin just behind me.  A little distracting.

Friday, March 12, 2010 Airboat Ride

We have been coming down here for eight years, now, and since year one we have wanted to take an airboat ride through this or that marsh.  Finally, this year, when the youngest son was down here visiting we did it!
We saw this camp from the Beachline Highway from Orlando to the Beaches and thought about it for several days.  It was a bit of a drive back but well worth it.  Reasonable charge and they threw in a beer for each of us.  I, for one, was glad for a little something to bolster my courage. 

We went in an 11-person boat but only had, maybe eight in it.  I was NOT about to take my good Canon Rebel camera on that boat so these photos are all taken with a little Canon ELPH.
I shouldn't have worried.  The boat had earmuffs to deaden the sound, but other than that it was comfortable and not at all a rough ride.  I could have taken my SLR camera with no problem and if we ever go again, I will.
We were there to see alligators

and we certainly did!
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