Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is THIS the Last Rose of Summer?

Jackson Perkins Midas Touch
 It is October 19...October 19!!!  This rose bush has grown larger, faster, and fuller than any other one I have ever grown.  None of my mother's roses ever got this large.  It looks like the rose bushes we see in Florida that  have all year to grow.  I hate that I am going to have to cut this down for the winter and cover it with a Styro-cone.
Hybred Tea Rose Midas Touch
The trellis behind it is not because the bush is a climber...it isn't.  It is a hybrid tea called Midas Touch and it has been in my yard for two summers, now.  I use a Bayer rose food that is dry grains, a handful scattered around the base of the rose before I put the mulch on in the spring.  That's it and I did the same thing with the neighboring roses.  I have NO idea why this one took off so much this summer, or if it will do it ever again.


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