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Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's That Time Again

Yes...Snowbird-Time.  Some of the "Birds" left the North as early as the first of October, but I love the fall, and then there are the holidays with our we wait until the first week of January.  I had to take a photo of the garden in the North as of January 1, just so I could remember how dull and ugly things are.
West side

East side

This year the ride down was uneventful, good weather, no traffic to speak of.  The gas mileage was very good on the new Ford F-150 truck.  We eliminated one whole gas stop.

We always keep track of the weather in both places so we were aware of the two killing freezes in Florida this year.  What we found surprising was the totally naked "Umbrella Tree". There are tips of green so I expect it to leaf out again soon.  Someone told me you can't kill those things.
We have never seen this tree naked before.

The little grove of banana trees that took a hit last year and rebounded, this year looks extremely sad.
No bananas this year!
Still...with all of our kids fighting snow, cold, and illness we can't complain.  We heard a hint at 80 degrees early next week.
Sleeveless and comfortable!
Finally, today, we took our first drive down Indian River Drive to look at changes.  Oh my!!!  The old grill that has been closed for a couple of years is now looking busy and all spruced up.
And this...I have NO idea!!!
I have nothing to say.


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