Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Orchid Class

Last month I stopped by a garden center to buy something for my orchids and discovered they have free monthly classes.  I signed up right away and went to my first class February 12.

Orchid Island Botanicals

It was about re-potting Phalaenopsis, which most of mine are.  I took several pages of notes and came home to repot all of mine that were not blooming.
Potted in potting medium in plastic containers

This month the class was on mounting Tillandsia (air plants).  This was a hands on class and we had a huge choice of plants and things on which to mount our choices.  I chose 3 interesting Tillandsia and a long piece of cork bark with a hanger already attached.  Using a silicone glue and twist ties we created our displays and went home to display our creations.

So now I am hooked on this unusual way to show plants.  I have some shells I want to fill and some little pots.  He assured me that if I am careful, the displays should transport back and forth to Michigan from Florida just fine.  The main thing he cautioned against was OVER care.  Spritz twice a week, only.
A shell that usually sits in one of the pots at the base of a blooming orchid


Rosie Goins said...

I love orchids, but have never tried to have any here.

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