Monday, July 11, 2011

Backyard Photo Challenge

Do I like this photo?
In the Digital Photography School newsletter I read about a challenge to shoot some particular photos right in your own backyard.  There were 8 suggested challenge photos to take.  That same day my younger granddaughter was spending the day with me.  Her sister is 8 and has her own Canon camera, which just happened to be on my desk.  I showed the 5 year old a few details and out into the backyard we went.

Here are some of her photos and mine of her taking those photos.

1.  What strikes you?
This was the first thing that caught her eye.
2.  Photograph the light.  She liked the way the light came through the lattice roof.
If you look hard in the door wall glass you can see the little photographer.
3.  Shoot from a different perspective.  She got right down on the ground to "shoot" this frog once I explained "perspective".
My funny garden frog

A photographer doesn't care if she has to get down on the ground.

 4.  What is growing?  This is her herb garden and it is just starting to grow.  The seeds came from a Christmas gift set.
basil, chives, parsley.
5.  Where is your favorite place?


Yes...that is my favorite place in the backyard.

6.  Find lines and shapes.
She found this circle...just ignore the Gramma-razzi in the background.


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