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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Typical Florida Evening

Everyone must eat out more here in Florida than home in Michigan because good eating places are just all over.  We are constantly debating the merits of this one against that one with each other and with the neighbors. 

R. spotted this place on his travels up and down Highway 1 along the Indian River.  Tonight we decided to give it a try.

The Old Fish House in Grant
He entertained the casual crowd with his Seger/Buffet type voice.
 It was right on the water side of High Way 1 and looked quite new.  Of course, most homes and businesses along here were all but destroyed by the hurricanes so it could be a rebuild, but it was neat, clean, and attractive.  We chose to go outside on the deck over the water.  Tonight was live music and that made it festive in a very casual way.
Can you see him sitting at our table watching the marina?
The food was inexpensive for as nice as our meals were.  Neither his fish nor my beef were overcooked.  The coleslaw with pineapple was remarkable.


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