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Sunday, September 8, 2013

April 2013 - A Wet Day in Several Respects.

 It didn't seem to matter to the girls that it was a rainy day, they insisted on swimming anyway.  It looked like it was going to be an all-day rain but in the afternoon, the weather cleared for several hours.  We chose to spend those hours at the Wabasso beach.  The waves were more than the girls had ever been in before.  At first they were cautious, holding hands and staying beyond the reach of the surf.  Finally, Gabby was brave enough to let the waves crash over her.

April 2013 - Breakfast at the Ham 'n' Eggs

What fun to let the girls use the camera and take the mornings' photos.

April 2013 - Captain Hiram's Beach

April 1, 2013 Visit in St. Augustine

Abby and "Captain" Rich on the boat in St Augustine.

The girls and their parents went to St. Augustine the day after Easter for a visit with Aunt Tiff and Uncle Rich.  The visit included a ride on the boat, and a tour of the ancient city of St. Augustine.

April 2013 - Project of the Winter

I had that nasty laundry room in mind and figured just to clean it up a little, but then we found a sale on cabinets at the local home store.  I figured just to set the cabinets in place, but one thing led to another, and He got into the details of crown moldings, floor molding, another cabinet, extra paint jobs, etc.

Here is my finished laundry room.  I do wish I had taken a "Before" photo.

March 29-31, 2013 - Another Family Visit for Easter Week.

An early Easter this year meant the granddaughters with their parents were here the last of March.  It was a little cool for swimming but if they could jump into the whirlpool tub of hot water they could warm up.
The family flew in late last night, but that gave us Friday to pamper ourselves with pedicures.
Do you think they are tired from the late night flight yesterday?
Saturday is ALWAYS a Scramble at the town park with hundreds of children, parents, eggs and prizes.

This year, the girls didn't win any prizes, but they have had more than their share in previous years.

Easter Sunday started with an Easter Bunny game unscrambling clues to little gifts.  The final clues led to Easter Baskets.  That bunny is getting trickier each year.
Later in the day friends and relatives enjoyed dinner together and relaxing time around the pool.

A neighbor was caring for a baby pigmy goat and brought it over for our family to o-o-o-o over.

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