Saturday, May 9, 2015

Easter in Florida

Ever since 2003 we have been in Florida for Easter.  One year I did fly back to Michigan for the April 27th birth of a granddaughter, flying back to Florida to drive home with him early in May.

Every year but that one, my daughter and her husband have spent their Easter vacation from teaching with us in Florida.  Now their two daughters accompany them.  Easter traditions have evolved from the Bunny hiding baskets and toys, to hunts outside, to this year's celebration. This year, the family arrived by air late on Good Friday.

Saturday there was the city's egg hunt and lots of swimming.

The girls took a break from the pool to color eggs.  We do it a little differently.  I boiled the eggs before they get here.  We peeled the eggs, cut them in half, scooped out the yellows into a bowl.  Then the peeled and halved eggs were dipped in cups of food coloring and water.  The girls insist on the florescent colors.

While the older one was dying the whites, the younger and I whipped up the Deviled Egg fillings from the cooked yolks, mayonnaise, relish, and a bit of mustard.  I often add a little heat to the filling, too.

There they are...our colored eggs.

Sunday Morning:

Daddy and his girls went to Easter Mass.  When they returned the Easter Bunny had visited.  There were 72 candy-filled eggs to find and some surprise items, all hidden about the yard.

Then they were in the pool...again.
Their Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Rich arrived from St. Augustine early in the day and it really seemed like a party.  The guests all decided to make a picnic of Easter Dinner by eating outside on paper plates.  So much less work for everyone.

Evening in the screen house looking out at the lake and enjoying family and neighbors was just the holiday we all wanted.

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