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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Birthdays - JUNE 2018

Abby's Party

Although Abby's birthday is in April, she begged to have a pool party this year, so we celebrated on  June 22
When the evening came, friends from Gibraltar arrived as did many of her classmates from St. Pius School.  The two groups did not mix well.
 St. Pius students
Gibraltar friends
After a meal of pizza and other teen-foods, the local kids left.


After pizza and other party-food, her mother brought out plates of cupcakes.  At first, frosting was spread all over Abby in celebration and then others got into the sticky fmess and cake.  I am not sure how much was actually eaten.  Most of the party-goers jumped into the pool to wash off and the pool had a layer of frosting on it for a few days.

Before it got too dark, the classmates, all from other Downriver towns, wanted to see Gibraltar.  With Mother following in her truck, they set off to the pavilion, park, and Dairy Queen.
 What a sight this must have been!

Abby had not expected gifts, since her real birthday was in April, but she received a lot of cards, money and "young lady" gifts of cologne and other cosmetics.  It was after 11:00 before all of the party-goers were collected by parents, who also enjoyed visiting and having a drink with Abby's parents.


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