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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today's Sightings

Sitting on the patio eating lunch, I lamented that we just didn't see much this late in the season. I was wondering if the birds had gone North with the Snowbird Tourists. Then within a few minutes I got pictures of:Northern Mockingbird
The "American nightingale," the Northern Mockingbird is known for its long, complex songs that include imitations of many other birds. It is a common bird of hedgerows and suburbs, and has been slowly expanding its range northward
  • Medium-sized songbird.
  • Long tail.
  • Pale gray above, whitish below.
  • Bill thin.
  • Two white wingbars.
  • Large white patches show in wings in flight.
  • White outer tail feathers.
  • Size: 21-26 cm (8-10 in)
  • Wingspan: 31-35 cm (12-14 in)
  • Weight: 45-58 g (1.59-2.05 ounces)
  • Sexes look alike.
  • Song is a series of varied phrases, with each phrase repeated many times in a row. Includes much mimicry of other bird songs and calls. Call a harsh dry "chew."
Blue Jay

A familiar sight at bird feeders, the boldly patterned Blue Jay is unmistakable. It is abundant in the East and is extending into the West, using food and shelter provided by humans.

  • Large songbird.
  • Crest on head.
  • Upperparts various shades of blue.
  • Size: 25-30 cm (10-12 in)
  • Wingspan: 34-43 cm (13-17 in)
  • Weight: 70-100 g (2.47-3.53 ounces)
  • Sexes alike.
  • Very vocal; make a large variety of calls. Most frequent call is a harsh "jeer." Also clear whistled notes and gurgling sounds.
I have been watching this nest since the first stick was placed in February (see earlier entry). So far, although the parents are still sitting, no sign nor sound of babies. The other Osprey nestlings on the island are very vocal right now. I am afraid we will have to return North without a sign of babies.


Carrie Nichols said...

Love all your pictures. The peacocks were especially interesting. Do you know how they got there or why? Are they native to Florida?

Unknown said...

LL: Love the photographs!! I had no idea u were interested in bird watching. I am fascinated by the subject and have promised myself - someday, when I have more time for myself, I shall take this up as a hobby.

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