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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Back Home in the North

This Cardinal looks none too thrilled with the Mourning Dove on the feeder.

Downy Woodpecker-Male
Downy Woodpecker-Female
Blue Jay

I was so sure my birds from last fall had abandoned me...after all I had abandoned THEM when I went to Florida for the winter. I had 2 suet-seed cakes in the house from Fall so I replaced the empty ones the day I returned and was rewarded with a LOT of activity. I was most concerned about the pair of Woodpeckers from Fall, but there they were, waiting for me along with Cardinals, Blue-Jays, Sparrows, Juncos, Doves, and Starlings. I bought a thistle-feeder and the next day a bright yellow and black wild canary (Gold Finch) had found the feeder.

Today I HAD to go to the store and buy a supply of seed-cakes, since it takes only 2-3 days for the birds to go through 2 cakes, especially if the Starlings stop by. I also bought another hook so there is place for both the thistle
and the suet cake feeders.


Carol said...

I'm glad your birds didn't abandon you. I enjoy your wonderful bird pictures.

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