Saturday, September 20, 2008

Florida 2009

As I put away some of my summer clothes and drag out the sweatshirts and heavier slacks Florida seems closer. The nights are getting cool although the days are still warm enough for an occasional boat ride. We are starting to make some decisions about when to leave, where to stop overnight and so on. More later.


Dixie(Mama) said...

I am going to do my BEST to make sure we meet up this year!!! Got you in my reader, so I'll know when plans are finalized! ;)

I can't wait!

MKBashlor said...

Is this a once per month blog? (last blog posted on Aug 20th). Florida does sound nice right now. Although I'm hoping that moving further North will allow me to see a good snow storm for the first time in a long time. Looks like what you're running away from, I'm running to. :)

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