Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old Adventures

In the "granny forum" there was discussion about Googling your own name. So I started with my full name which I don't use all that often. A description of an adventure I was on years and YEARS ago came up.

Teacher Laura Lou XXX drives from Michigan to Washington, DC to visit

Us here at ICUG

From Saginaw, Michigan…. The part of the State shaped like "a Mitten on the Map", Laura Lou XXX!

One of the many people that Maga introduced to ICUG and Email and Message Forums. Laura was so impressed with the ICUG Poster Series that she used them in her Public School Classroom teaching her students American History. She also joined Our Computer Network and joined our nightly Brainstorming sessions to create new Projects using Computer Desktop Publishing.

Here in my Office Laura Lou and I take a look at the Front Door Software Program on the PC.

Laura became so excited about ICUG using Scanners, Graphics Design software, Color Printing and Telecommunications, that she decided to take a week off and drive to Washington, DC from Michigan, to spend time with us in the Office and learn the Computer Techniques used to produce the Poster Series. Laura's friends and family were quite amazed that she was so motivated as to drive alone, to visit people that she had never met in person, and spend a week with them. Few people can understand the close friendships that can and do form through people meeting and coming to share and know one another online. So very often we hear about the negative experiences that some people have in the Online Community, but here you'll find the most positive stories. Just ask Mike and Sue! As in life, one should use good judgment in forming any new friendships or associations

Let's see what else I can find!
Here's another. I had totally forgotten this one from the old Passport to Knowledge project.

Re: Backyard Biodiversity Survey

From: "Laura Lou XXX"
Subject: Re: Backyard Biodiversity Survey
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 22:48:15 -0400

Our data will be in tomorrow. This survey had to be done by my sixth hour
exploratory class...made up of 20 students from my three science classes.
They will then share with the rest of their classmates.

It is a good thing that I decided to do it this way. We have had a rather
wet Michigan spring. Although the far edge of the campus looks like a
lovely green lawn, it hides a soupy-wet layer of mud. As I was leaving the
team with a plot about 3 feet into the woods after taking some photos, I
tripped over a root and sprawled face-first flat into the muddy lawn.
Imagine a 60 year old woman covered from hair to toes with mud trying to
retain a shred of dignity. It wasn't easy. I wasn't hurt and once the
students could see that, we all had a great laugh. Too bad the camera, too,
was covered with mud and unable to record this moment.

Now aren't you glad you asked.

Laura XXX
XXX Middle School


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