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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back to Watching Nature

At last, a warm sunny day! After 10 days or so of cold, cloudy, even, sometimes rainy, weather, today is like a real Florida day. I haven't been able to get out and sit by the lake for a couple of weeks, it seems. It is still cool today, but really nice in the sun. It seemed like the Anoles agreed. The little guy above was hiding in the loops of the garden hose a couple of weeks ago. His color and lack of tail identify him. I had chased him out of the screen house, and I am glad to see he survived and that he is growing a new tail.
As I looked out into the lake I saw a Cormorant drying his wings. I have seen them do this often sitting on land or a handy branch, but this is the first time I had seen one drying his wings while in the water. I thought it was interesting.
If you look REALLY hard you can see the cormorant in the water just this side of the break between mainland and the island. That gives you an idea of what a 300mm lens can do.
I have been waiting to see if the Osprey really ARE nesting in the tower. These two shots convinced me. In fact, I THINK I saw babies.
This gives you an idea of how far away and how tall that tower is. A 300mm lens is great but until I get the adapter so I can use my tripod again, this will be about the best I can do.
I was watching ripples on the lake near shore...especially what looked like some kind of bug making a slight disturbance on the water when THIS happened. Think we have fish in the lake?? I can't show relative size here but these were not caused by fingerlings!


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