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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Maybe no photos for a while

My poor Canon Digital Rebel XTi with the 27m-300mm macro lens took a little swim in the lake last evening. Between the water and the sand it MAY never be the same. Monday, bright and early we will be at the camera shop to see if the camera and lens can be saved. I also will contact my insurance company. I have hope something will work so that I can have a good camera in my hand again soon.

Meanwhile, here is a story. Around the bend in the lake there is a family with several children. Last night I counted 6 but some were probably friends. They have lived most of their young lives on this lake and you should have seen the older boy throw the seine net. Now that is tricky skill even for adults.

As we watched the kids we noticed a large white egret stalking fish in the water by the seawall. When the children came out the bird hopped up on the lawn by the seawall. But he moved TOWARD the kids. Soon there was little more than a few feet and a chain-link fence between them. Then we realized the boys were throwing the fish they were seining out of the lake to the egret. This was obviously not the first time. The kids and the egret had a wonderful time.

Yes, there are photos, but they are on the CF card that was in the wet camera. I pulled the card right away but have no way at this time of reading the card out of the camera. I hope to remedy that tomorrow, but I don't know if the CF card survived.


hiccup42 said...

SUCKS about your camera!! Hope that you can get it fixed soon, or get a new one really quick through the insurance

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