Saturday, June 13, 2009


I have been a lifelong hockey fan, specifically, the Detroit Red Wings. I remember listening to games on a little radio until I fell asleep in my bed. I remember listening to the New Years Eve games. Later in my life, I actually went to games at The Olympia for many years. Even later, I attended games from a suite in the Joe Lewis Arena with my Dear as guests of auto suppliers. My Middle School Students often saw this Red Wing player or that in the halls of the school as the mother of one was a secretary and others had homes in the area or were visiting parents who lived in the area. In fact, the mother of one of the Wings had been my Matron of Honor at my wedding in the early 60s. During the Stanley Cup Play-offs to this day, everything revolves around the games. Our whole block stops dead during play, although it can get a little rowdy between periods.

Yes, it is Red Wing Country, indeed. But today it is a little subdued and sad as our beloved Wings lost the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs 2-1 to the Penguins.
Even my 6 year old granddaughter had Wing Fever so she was absolutely delighted when I identified this visitor to my garden as a Red Wing Blackbird. It has only been the last year that this family of Red Wings have visited my feeders.
I really HAD to include this photo of one of the squirrels who visits the various birdbaths in the garden. My granddaughters will just get as excited over this squirrel as anything that visits us.
Ok, maybe rabbits and squirrels are not egrets and alligators, but there is something about these frequent visitors to my garden in the North that is charming just the same. Watching my two little granddaughters "Shhhh" over even the most common visitors and seeing the wildlife through their eyes is magical.
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