Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Garden

The first day of summer just passed and I was sitting on my back porch taking stock of my garden. Why? Well, I just registered the yard with the National Wildlife Federation. I will actually get a plaque for the front yard. The questionnaire made me realize what I really had here, even with almost half of the garden area under tarps.

One whole side of the garden was so choked with waist-high weeds this year, and considering the chiggers of last year, that I just covered it with the old pool cover, weighted it down with rocks, and let it go. I rolled back a part of it this week and it looks about ready to replant. I will just do a little at a time, being a 70+ year-old gardener. Then I can move, as with the iris which need to be split this year, or plant with the seeds I bought for a butterfly garden.

It wasn't until I did the National Wildlife Federation questionnaire that I realized all the items I have that are on the list of wildlife attractants. I counted 3 suet feeders, a triple thistle seed feeder, a sunflower feeder, Hummingbird feeder, and a dish for oranges for the orioles. I also counted 4 birdbaths and a fountain. Add to that the hedgerow across the back for shelter and the two big spruce trees for nesting and you have a yard that qualifies.


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