Saturday, August 7, 2010

August Garden Update

This has to be the best time in the garden!  2010 has been hot;  I mean HOT!  My watering has been sporadic depending on the weather, but storm after storm seems to split and go around us.  Once in July we did receive a 3" rainfall at night.  My rain-gauge measured just a hair over 3 inches.  Otherwise, I have been depending on a soak-er hose through my roses, past the Cardinal Flower vine, through the vegetable garden (now taken over by pumpkins), and into the Nasturtiums.
Midas Touch Hybrid Tea Roses
The Midas Touch roses are still blooming like crazy but the others are just putting forth a few blooms.

Mysterious rescued rose

Late last month a new neighbor decided he didn't want the upkeep of the roses the former owner had left.  He gave 2 to the neighbor between us, who only wanted one.  She asked if he would mind her giving the other to me and he mentioned that he and his children enjoy looking at my garden from their yard.  When I had chance to thank him, he offered to bring over the others he was taking out.  Two of those "mystery" roses are showing growth, even if it is late in the season.  I will see that the new four along with the existing 5, will all be covered with styro cones this winter and we will just see what spring brings.

I usually plant a few seeds in spring which, like the vegetables, are mostly for my granddaughters.  The life cycle is so important and so few children have experience with planting, watching maturing, collecting seeds, and planting those seeds the following year.  Believe me, my granddaughters KNOW that plants come from seeds and produce more seeds.  They love the Cleome above because of the unique flower heads and seed pods.  The pungent scent seems to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, too.
Zinnia Garden
The older granddaughter (7) MUST have her Zinnias every year.  This year we planted small yellow and brown "carpet Zinnias" along one side, other small bush ones on the other side and several varieties of tall cutting Zinnias in the center.  It worked; the color is great; and she has plenty of flowers to cut for her mother.
This shows promise
Mice like pumpkin, too

That brings us to the pumpkins.  The mice left teeth marks in the biggest so far but we are watching the color deepen and enjoying it in spite of the scars.  The next biggest has a few marks but no more mice (or squirrels or rabbits, maybe?) so that might become a jack-o-lantern in October.  As others come along the neighbor children are putting their names or initials in the skin with a pen.  Those marks will scar and make interesting names on the mature pumpkin, rather like the mice's teeth marks.

Every day is an adventure.  Butterflies and, soon, humming birds will keep our attention as this month marches along.


cady68 said...

I love the pics of the flowers! So pretty!

SNOWBIRD said...

Great pictures. Not sure I've seen sytrocones????? I have a rose that my Dad helped me plant when we moved to the Deep South. It would be nice to cover it on really cold winter days here. Believe it or not, we've had some cold winters.

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