Monday, August 16, 2010

Working on the photo skills

The focus isn't just where I want it but, darn, those butterflies move around so fast!  Almost as bad as Hummingbirds, which seem to be scarce so far this year.

My Goldfinch pair
Like the canaries we raised back in the 30s

I do love my Finch pair.  They are ignoring my finch feeder and feeding from the regular feeder for some reason.  I have really washed out the finch feeder well to be sure there isn't any mold but they will still only eat from it when it is 100% full.  It has hung there for a week at the half full point several times this year and never emptied.  Anyone with a clue?  None of the feeding holes are plugged.


Greenfingers said...

The full/half full puzzle is very interesting. Birds round here (similar feeder) eat until the seed is down to the lowest hole. I'll watch this space in case anyone can explain it.

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