Monday, September 20, 2010

My Garden: Middle of September

Looking South into my garden from the den

Through the window, this time. The hedgerow at the back is the neighbor's but serves the purpose of shelter, hiding, nesting and mating area for the birds and other small animals.

The pumpkin vines are overgrown and need to be pulled out. We have 6 good pumpkins and 2 that rotted. The corn stalks will become a decorative shock on the front porch for the autumn. I was going to pull out all the other annuals for the winter but a Downriver Garden Forum member mentioned that she keeps her annuals in because they look so interesting in the winter with the snow on them. I am willing to try that and clean up in the spring.

The roses will get their winter styro cones, though. I now have 9 to cover. I need a few new cones for the additions.
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