Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer's Last Hurrah

Will this bush bloom forever?
Hard to believe that this is nearly October.  Last week we had several days in the high 80s and two times we attempted to swim in the pool.  The days might be unseasonably warm, but the nights are still cold so the pool water looses whatever heat it gathered during the day.  So...Gabby didn't go in at all and Abby and I only to our waists.

The garden is overgrown but still producing some pretty flowers.  The roses, especially, have never stopped producing blooms.  Some annuals are at their peak and some are slightly over peak.  It is still interesting every day.
Three different roses still blooming

I have started holding off on feeding the birds to encourage them to start their migration.  Those who stay will have plenty to eat with the plants and berries in their harvest mode.  I won't be here in the winter so I should not make them dependent on my feeders.  Next week I will bring in all the feeders and clean and sterilize them for next spring.
"I see you!"


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