Friday, February 4, 2011


Coffee Shop Actions blogger, Rita, has started posting her favorite photo of the week every Friday.  I like that idea and will try to keep up.

My second-cousin-once-removed, Jennifer and me.
 Through matching tree entries in, Jennifer and I discovered "missing" branches of our families.  Her grandfather, and my mother's brothers had been so close once.  Her great-grandmother and my grandfather were close siblings.  The two families had their children's photos taken together, and my mother remembered the 7 children being together often...then when Mother was about 7 or 8 they didn't seem to spend any more time together.  Why?  I had not been able to locate information on the internet and that branch of the family tree was just gone.

The story was this:  My grandfather's sister, Jen's great-grandmother, died in her early 40s leaving her minister husband with 3 youngsters.  Eventually he remarried but the link between the two families was gone and never was restored...until now!!!

Jen had a photo of the old family home where her great-grandmother and my grandfather were raised.  How precious THAT was!  I passed on the originals of about 8 photos of her ancestors that belong rightfully to her and her sister.  We exchanged information about our respective branches.

A lovely afternoon!!!


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