Thursday, February 3, 2011


As much as I love watching birds and flowers, waiting and anticipating heightens the entire experience.

Take the Osprey.  THE moment is when the parents help the babies fledge.  Watching the parents nest, wondering when the eggs will hatch; trying to figure out the babies' stage of growth...all of that enhances the moments of flight so much more than driving along the highway and just seeing some young in flight.

Is there a baby in the nest or not?
Since our late neighbor started my interest in orchids I have stumbled along, reading articles and books that didn't really help.  So much conflicting advice.  We transport the orchids back and forth from Florida to Michigan because we have to and so far the plants don't seem to have suffered, however, is there a better way?  Am I potting them right?  Should I be bringing them in at night?

I have two  plants promising to bloom so I can't be TOO far off in caring for them, but nevertheless, I signed up for an Orchid Potting Class on a Saturday coming up.  I love the facility and they have a great reputation; Orchid Island Botanicals.  I am SOOO looking forward to this class and more, I hope.
This was just a tight bud a week ago

More little orchids to come

Is there anything prettier?


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