Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Birds are Back

 I received this cute porch-swing bird feeder for Christmas.  I didn't think the birds would use it since I also have quite a few Wild Birds Unlimited super feeders.  I hung it on a hook right  under my lattice porch roof.  Soon a pair of Chickadees were swooping in and out on a regular basis.  I was thrilled.  I think they have a nest in one of the big evergreens in my yard. 
One of the Chickadee pair feeding in my yard
 Once I put out the special Oriole feeder, I discovered my pair from last year has blossomed into THREE pair.
Do you think she can read?

Mrs. Oriole eye-ing her feeder
Mr. Oriole likes the orange
There MUST be an easier way


Greenfingers said...

They are lovely bird LL- I enjoyed looking:)

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