Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Downside to "Snowbird-dom"

I have a swimming pool.  It came with the house and when we did the initial walk-through, I was unimpressed.  I was 62...what did I need with a pool?  Well, 8  years and 2 granddaughters (and a lot of $$$) later I cannot imagine NOT having that pool.

Two years ago the pool company that opens my pool convinced me to invest in a new pool liner.  Didn't sound too expensive but add in the installation charges and water bill and it was darned expensive.

I have the "experts" open and close the pool each year.  Then they warn me to keep the cover pumped out.  From Florida?  So I bought an automatic siphon pump.  Water leaked into the cover from the pool water underneath and soon it was almost all gone and opening the pool that spring included refilling it with nearly $700 worth of city water...again.

Then in early April my next door neighbor in Michigan notified me that the pool sides were collapsing into the pool.  I panicked!!!!  I was still in Florida.  Numerous calls to the pool company didn't do much until we got home in May.  By then, someone, bless their hearts, had cut the ropes letting the cover fall into the pool and rescuing the sides.

An inspection by one of the pool company employees found a horizontal split on one side of the 2-year old liner just above the bottom.  He said it was a seam and the liner would be covered in part by the guarantee.  It wasn't.  The company insists the split was ABOVE the seam.  Ok...I am still trying to get their letter and the liner piece returned to me.

Meanwhile, the pool store installed a new, better liner at a discount, but it still cost a bunch of $$$ and I haven't seen the water bill yet.

But it is all worth it:


RonJoe 'Geezer' said...

Greetings From Southern California

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Gloria said...

Hi LL, I fund you!

Gloria said...

Oh, forgot to say, this is Cookie1943.

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