Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coming Home to a "Garden of Weeds"

Helping Grandma
By the first of May, even a cold year like this has been, the weeds have taken hold of the garden and path.  I do as much as possible before giving in to chemicals.  This year I had some help from the granddaughters, but so far it is proving too much for even us all working together.

Rose garden from the porch
 The rose garden is a priority.  I still have to remove the old mulch and add new after I spray for mold.  The mold doesn't kill the roses but they sure look ugly before the end of the season.  A few of the roses came from a new neighbor who didn't want them in his yard.  I am not sure they are anything, but I have to give them a season just to see.
Rose garden and porch as seen from the rest of the garden.
The granddaughters' vegetable gardens
Through years of teaching elementary students I learned many have NO idea where fresh produce originates.  This is the granddaughters' area and they have been growing various vegetables for several years.  Last year we grew pumpkins.  This year they decided ONE pumpkin plant would be enough.  Beans and cucumbers are growing behind the trellises.  Corn, radishes, squash, sunflowers, carrots, and a lot of lettuce are planted.
We really need more weeding.  I guess I can't leave it to the children.


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