Monday, April 30, 2012

A Bold Begger

Here he comes!
If you know anything about Sandhill Cranes,  you know they are loud.  I mean LOUD.  This fellow was in the field across the street from our house making his presence known.  I went to the door to see where he was.  My other half warned me to be quiet...don't scare him.  HA.  That bird came running across the street as soon as he saw me.
Closer and still running
He came so close that I backed away.  "He wants something to eat" He said.  I couldn't think of anything in the house but bread that he might eat so I grabbed the end of a loaf.
Do you think he recognized the shape of our garden decorations?

When he had eaten about 3 slices of bread torn up, he was done and left.
As you can see here, he stuck around for a while and stayed nice and close...I think he would have let me pet him but I was very aware of the damage that big sharp bill could do.


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