Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fairy Garden started

Here is the very beginnings of my "Fairy Garden" in the center of the annual, perennial, and vegetable gardens accented by a fountain in the middle.
My whimsical frog with his guitar watches over the fairies from among the Siberian Iris.

An overturned flower pot makes the fairy home.  This little shell is slated to be a fairy mailbox.

This little pond may one day be replaced with a well but for now it is a spot of water next to the "house".

This lizard "Believe" seemed extraordinarily appropriate to watch over the little garden.

Irish Moss will, hopefully, fill in around the elements of the garden instead of regular moss, which might not grow out in the sun.
12 Portulaca plants will stay low, spread, be colorful, flower all summer and reseed for next year.
Artemisia is such a soft, lovely scented accent I hope it spreads well.
This little English Daisy in pink called out to me.  It is a little large for the fairies, but will add a touch.


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