Friday, June 29, 2012

A Growing Fairy Garden

The back of the garden is supposed to be wetlands theme, with cranes, frog, and iris.  The left side will be Bells of Ireland and one "fairy door" leading into the bells.
Both of the granddaughters went to a childrens' gardening workshop at a town near their lakehouse.  They were delighted when the craft was a "fairy door" for dish gardens the shop had.  They were proud to say their grandma already HAD a fairy garden for them.
This is the second door.
These rocks lead into the little worm's home.  Others are seeing them as eggs.  Well, ok, whatever you see.
Here is a view of just the fairy garden.  Temps have been in the 90s for days and I am wishing the garden was somewhere in the shade.


SNOWBIRD said...

Cute fairy garden. I love your herd of turtles.

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