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Monday, February 11, 2013

Still Discovering...Life is an Adventure

All of a sudden we decided to take a little drive in the convertible down along Indian River Drive.  I had the little point and shoot camera and wanted to take a couple of photos of the flock of white pelicans that hang around the Judas fish house.  In my Audubon Ap they only show brown pelicans.  Friends who are knowledgeable have said that there are no white pelicans.  Well, here they are!

I WILL go back later this week with the "big girl camera" and get some details on these pretty pelicans.

Then we crossed the bridge and turned left, West, into Little Hollywood.  We drove along the river, a bit curious about what we heard after the 2002 hurricanes, that with the bridge out people had to go all the way to I-95, MILES away, to cross the river. 

What a lovely drive.  We went on and on westward toward Micco and beyond.  There were amazing ranches, and rancheros, small and large, a couple of flocks of wild turkeys, and jungle-like growth everywhere along these back roads. 

We crossed over I-95 and kept going.  We found an interesting Scrub Preserve and stopped for a couple of snapshots.

Circling toward the South we found ourselves in familiar territory around the town of Felsmer.  From there we headed home from a road trip far longer than we had intended...warm evening in Florida...on a top-down day.


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