Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014-01-05 Snow Delay.

Oh GOSH we have a lot of snow...AGAIN!  Although our proximity to Lake Erie seems to be warding the worst of the storm away from us, we are still getting plenty of snow.  My eye is always on Radar and I can see how the heaviest stuff is going right around us.  We are also watching the conditions all along I-75 going South and the conditions don't look promising.  We have already almost decided to go on Thursday, rather than Tuesday.

I am hoping to see the granddaughters later today.  My son is snowed in in Detroit and trying to figure out why his car won't start.  So many people are having similar car troubles with more temps well below zero on the way.  It will be hard to go to Florida without bidding goodbye to my family.

Schools all over the area will not reconvene Monday as scheduled.  It is anyone's guess when the way will be clear to open those schools.


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