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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Time to Catch Up - AUGUST 2017

As my dear neighbor prepared to leave on a 6-month jaunt to visit good friends (and some business) her son and some friends took over her house next door.  To the delight of my granddaughters, one couple moved in with a couple of puppies.  Adorable and energetic!
Things at The Lakehouse heated up and Gabby had to choose between home with Dad and Grandma or at the lakehouse with Mom and sister.  She managed to balance it pretty well.

Gabby had to be around for volleyball practices as she worked to make the Freshman team for fall.  Here are the freshman girls (green) with their varsity big sisters (yellow).
She made the team!  The only lefty.  Sometimes it pays off.

Using Grandma's big Canon camera Gabby signed on as team photographer for the Carlson freshmen team her dad is coaching this year.

Carrie's Carlson class had a reunion at the winery near Carrie and Mike's lake house.  Abby went with her mother and played photographer and DJ for the day and evening.

Some of the old gang went back to the Lakehouse for an afterglow.


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